For Cardassia!

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For Cardassia!

Passion is what makes life colorful. So, the team of ‘ILWEB’ was happy to turn the ’Star Trek’ passion of a group of people into a forum for discussions and sharing emotions and ideas -

This place is obviously special – it is for the ones who really carry ‘Star Trek’ and the planet of Cardassia in their hearts. Cardassia is the prime planet in the Cardassian system of the Alpha Quadrant and our prime purpose was to create a forum which the fans of ‘Star Trek’ will like as a place for communicating and expressing themselves.

The design and the images in this website are created with great attention and a lot of inspiration.

The forum has a shoutbox where its members can quickly share their thoughts and attract the attention of the others.

The topics in are various and structured into a few sections. So, if Cardassia is a special place for you, go ahead and sign in this incredible forum.

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