Music without limits!

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Music without limits!

Our favourite music is the thing which gives energy through the day. That is why our team from ‘ILWEB’ wished for a place where everyone can listen to their favourite songs in the most convenient way. Thus, we created

The website gathers the songs on Youtube of various artists. gives you numerous opportunities to choose exactly what you want to listen at this moment according to genre, artist or song. You can make your own playlists with songs and listen to them many times.

When you enter our world of music, the website originally loads a few songs chosen by us. You can add new ones, which you can find through the ‘Search’ option. You can search songs by artists or genre. Also, you can delete from the playlist the songs that you do not like. You are free to choose the compilation of tracks that will match your mood completely.

If you want to save this combination of songs and listen to it again, you can use the ‘Save playlist as’ function. Choose a title in order to easily manage your playlists, if you have more than one.

You can create playlists for different situations and various moods. These songs will be always available for you – during work; for relaxing after a busy day; for party and others. Every nice moment becomes more pleasant with music and your negative emotions could be suppressed under the sounds of your favourite music.

If you cannot find in our website your favourite artist or band, help us to fix this and offer us to add it with the ‘Suggest an artist’ option. Thus, our musical world will become richer and will be able to satisfy everyone’s musical preferences.

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