SEO deceptions and deceits

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SEO deceptions and deceits

On the market here in our country, in Europe and the whole world there are too many companies that offer SEO in different forms. There are all kinds of analyzers, consultants, ‘web auditors’ and even self-employed people who offer this type of services. It is unpleasant that in every type of business there are good professionals, mediocre businessmen and absolute crooks.

There are all kinds of tricks and deceits in the sphere of SEO. The most popular way of deception is that many consultants “forget” to tell their clients that SEO cannot guarantee them success. The most important thing to make a website appear on upper position in the search engine results is having quality contents on the website. The information which the site provides has to be valuable enough to make someone want to find it.

There are different ways to get offered this kind of optimization but, at the end, to appear that you have paid for a jar full of air labeled “SEO”:

Google ads

Advertising in Google and other search engines is not SEO. Yes, if you often pay large amounts of money, your website will be seen above the first search result, where paid ads are placed. This even misleads many users that this website is the top search result, because they don’t know that this is a paid advertisement. The truth is that advertising has nothing to do with SEO. It will absolutely not influence the indexing of the website in the search engines and it will not improve the positioning of the site in the search results. After the end of the advertising campaign you will get back to where you were and you will have to spend money on new advertisement.

The role of design and colors

Some consultants (who “completely by chance” offer in addition graphic design) claim that your web design is not good enough and negatively influences the indexing in the search engines. They offer you to make a completely new design to help the indexing of your website. They even go further – they tell you which colors are the most suitable and they mislead you that with this color you will have the first place in Google results. This is completely false. Search engines use mechanisms which check the sites and index them according to the key words. They are not interested in colors and art.

Design is important for your users. They are those who would appreciate beauty and art. For search engines the things that matter are different, for example – quality navigation. If your new web design has better navigation, then it is really worth, even if it is not that beautiful. Good-looking websites often have too unusual and inconvenient navigation which makes them weak in SEO.

SEO module

In the network there is a large variety of SEO modules for all popular CMS platforms (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and others). Some of these modules even cost money. It is important to know that the new versions of every respected CMS have built-in options useful for SEO. It is a deception that using SEO modules will automatically lead to quality optimization. Yes, some of them help, but they cannot do the whole work by themselves. If that was possible, all the companies dealing with SEO would not exist.

Website + SEO

Many developers feel free to charge additionally SEO modules when they are developing a new website. This is a pretty easy way for blackmail, because all clients need SEO and they need to pay additionally for something that they have to get when they pay for website development. It appears that if the client refuses to pay for SEO, the developer will deliberately to exactly the opposite of what should be done for website optimization.

There are many different ways to be deceived, as far as SEO is concerned. Do not let somebody fool you with big praises and unrealistic deceptions. Before you pay for SEO, ask for explanation what exactly will be done. Make the SEO specialists show you successful websites for which they have made optimization. Stay alert and do not allow being deceived.

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