Web scene for the Bulgarian talents

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Web scene for the Bulgarian talents

Becoming popular is extremely hard for the Bulgarian musicians, painters and other talents until they find a way to get noticed and appreciated. Again, Internet has a big role, as social networks and video sharing websites gave the talents an opportunity to share their art with the audience.  For the Bulgarian talents, owning a website still is not a common method for becoming popular, but we, from ‘ILWEB’ consider that it is also a good way and we offer our professional help.

Our offer was accepted by the young and talented composer and musician Darian Georgiev with the artistic pseudonym DarGo. At his request and with the materials given by him, we created the website http://dargomusic.com/. Thus, his current and future fans have the opportunity to get to know him and his art, to see pictures of his live performances and to learn more about the young talent. DarGo is enthusiastic, full of energy and totally dedicated to music and he wishes to share his passion this way – in his own website.

We are ready to offer the same opportunity to other talented musicians, writers, painters and all kinds of talented people – professional development of a personal website, where to present themselves and their art in an interesting, colorful and fantastic way – just the same as the artist’s world.

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