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Software for logistics/courrier services

Working with clients requires providing fast and quality service. we offer you specialized software for managing deliveries. It is suitable for companies which offer transport and repair services and others. Using thhis software makes managing the client requests much easier and effective.

This web-based  service allows entering and editing requests for various services - transport, repairs and others. You will be able to contri=ol the status of each request - active, complete, etc. You can also filter the requests by different criteria - the types of service, status, city and others.

Maximum efficiency

This software allows you to better organize the deliveries and save time and money. The logistices software chooses the best route for making the deliveries. All the information ill be viualized on Google Maps which will be impleneted in your website.

Advantages of Our Courrier Software

- different acess levels - the store managers, the employees, the drivers, etc. will have their own accounts with different options for seeing, entering and editing information. These account will be accessible with a user name and a password.

- easy-to-use graphical interface. All users will be able to work with the program, even if they do not have good technical knowledge.

- 24/7 access to the system from any location and via all types of devices which are connected to the Internet.

Requests Management

The system offers the follwing uswful functionalities:

- Dividing into zones - We can divide the area into zones according to your instructions. The different zones will have different delivery prices.

- Delivery prices will be formed according to various factors - distance, weight, zone and others.

- A priority options - You will be able to give s status - 'urgent' or 'normal' which will affect the price of delivery.

A Convenient Standartized Process of Delivery Organization

An employee in a shop enters the ingormation about the delivery request. The customers signs this paper. Then, the delivery is labeled 'For transport'. During trasportation the label should be changed to 'i a process of transportation'. After the delivery a label 'completed' should be put=

The software for logistics-courrier srvices is suitable for:

Small companies, offering services for home or office;

Shops which offer delivery;

Shop chain;

Transport companies;

Currier companies;

Other companies which offer services on the customer's address.

How to Buy the Product?

When you by the product, we will install it and adjust it for your needs. We will also ensure you technical support.

We also offer you to purchase a monthly package. This will allow you to start working with our product without investing much money. 



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