What is Internet of things?

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What is Internet of things?

All of us actively use Internet in our lives. But probably we do not even think about the opportunities which the web offers. They could make our days better and help the development of our business much more than we have thought.

Internet of Things

The idea is to connect various devices to a network and to each other through Internet. And we are not talking only about the gadgets we consider to be ‘smart’ – phones, tablets and computers. By using Internet of things and controllers such connection could be achieved with so many different devices. You could use it in the office, at home and outdoors for lamps, cars, automatic doors, office devices, and others.

How Does Internet of Things Work?

To connect the devices you want to manage in a network, they need to have controllers installed into them. Such gadgets are already available in many different models of air conditioners, cars and others. And it is possible to install controllers in most of the electronic devices around us – machines, lamps, and many others.

Such controllers have a key role in processing information from the device and for changing its working mode.  They connect into a network through Internet of things. This allows you to give commands and to control the devices, for example, to make the lamps go off.


It is up to the manager of the team whether to use the great opportunities of the Internet of things for business purposes. Here are a few examples where using this technology has proved to be efficient:

Healthcare – processing medical data of patients. The technology can be used for working with information about the health condition, e.g. physical activity, changes in the body after taking a medicament, sleep routine, and others.

Light control – managing the lighting for achieving energy efficiency. You can set a working mode for each lamp with time for turning on and off. You can also collect data for its energy consumption.

Agriculture – the light control system can be successfully used in greenhouses. This will guarantee that the plants receive enough light.

Logistics – you can achieve efficiency here by collecting information from sensors in the transport vehicles. You can then use it for making more efficient transport routes and cargo distribution.

Urban management – Internet of things could be successfully used for achieving energy efficiency of street and road lighting, for traffic management, and others.

Security – collecting recent information from security cameras, motion detectors, fire alarms, and others increases safety.

Retail - placing devices to signal that a product is depleted in a store. This is the way to prevent thefts. If you put sensors connected to a network on shelves in a shop, for example, a supermarket, you will immediately get information if there is no product available due to depletion or theft.

Industry – the accurate, timely and detailed data collection from machines helps assess the need for materials, energy and resource consumption, and improve the production process. This allows you to develop better production strategies.

Using Internet of things leads to increasing the business competitiveness as it provides optimal resource distribution. If you want to achieve this, the technology needs to be applied by software specialists to your key business activities.


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