Successful business management through Internet of things

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Successful business management through Internet of things

Applying Internet of things can lead to the effective management of almost everything that makes our life better. If used properly, the opportunities of this technology offer great perspectives for business development.

Connecting devices to a network and managing them through it allows control over business processes and increasing effectiveness. And this makes the company more competitive.

If you have a strategy for improving business processes and/or more effective management of the settlement/municipality/company which you are leading, we will be glad to hear your idea. The platform which we developed allows working with various devices through Internet of things.  Together we will discuss the software solutions which will make your business more competitive and successful.

It is essential to know that almost every electronic device can work through Internet of things if it has Wi-Fi and the needed controllers installed into it. This gives enormous opportunities when applying the technology. In business, it allows the control over machines; collecting and processing information; mechanization of processes that are otherwise executed by people, and many others.

Internet of Things for a Successful Business

If you want the equipment which is necessary for improving business processes to function properly, you need a reliable software system. It has to be developed and supported by professionals. ‘Ilweb’ Ltd offers you such software solutions. We will help you improve the effectiveness of your company and gain an advantage in your business field.

Our team has rich experience in development and supporting systems based on Internet of things. We used this technology for the development of a light control system in greenhouses; for monitoring in meteorological stations; for decoration light control system in Vancouver, Canada; for managing the street lighting in several cities in Bulgaria, and others.

Our systems for managing lighting can be used for various purposes. By setting the working mode of the lamps and receiving a feedback with information about the energy consumption you can achieve energy efficiency.

The ability to control lighting is especially important at motorway junctions and airports where lighting is the key to traffic safety.

The lamps could be set to glow consecutively, as well in different colors. This is especially useful for achieving visual effects in festive lighting. If you want the decorative lamps to shine in different shapes, in a specific color or order, we can do it.

We develop remote-access control systems, based on Internet of things. This means it is enough to have a mobile device with Wi-Fi in order to work with such a system. It is not necessary to be close to the controllers.

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