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Light control system

Energy efficiency is extremely important in the modern world. It is essential for reducing the energy costs and the negative environmentsl impacts. A reliable light control system helps achieve maxumun energy effeiciency of light installations.

How Does the System Work?

Devices installed in the lamps allow by using specialized software to control the work of the lamps in the greenhouse. The type of the lamps does not matter.

What opportunities does the system give?

  • It groups the lamps according to the greenhouse’s needs. Every group could have a different   work mode;
  • It uses lighting sensors – one of them for each group of ballasts. The sensor gives information whether the optimal level of light has been achieved. If not, it corrects this level by increasing or decreasing the power of ballasts;
  • The managing devices operate autonomously and continue to work even in a case of a breakdown in the central station;
  • The web-based system allows remote access by username and password from different types of electronic devices connected to the Internet;
  • Every group of lamps has its own work regime -  thus, it could be accurately determined how long the lamps in the different parts of the greenhouse work and with what power;
  • A map of the lightened territory constantly gives information on the work of the lamps.
  • To achieve energy efficiency, the system provides accurate data on the consumption of the lamps and allows the consumption to be predicted in case of power changes;
  • Different types of alarms report technical problems with the lamps. This allows constant control over the work of the lamps and quick reaction to the problems that have appeared.
  • The system provides detailed technical information for every device.

The progress of technologies allows the overcoming of the season differences and the dependence on certain natural factors in the production of various crops.

Our clients with such a greenhouse light control system are greenhouses in Vancouver, Canada.

The opportunity to effectively manage the lighting in greenhouses and to divide the lamps into groups for defining separate areas with different conditions, allows high flexibility in production. With the help of ‘ILWEB’ ltd and the system, offered by us, optimal results in the work of the greenhouses could be achieved.

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